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Please read until the end 🤙

WING FOIL shims plate - 3D printed - MADE IN FRANCE


- The "+" shims increase your longitudinal board pitch : you will be more "nose up", the nose will be higher when sailing.

- The "-" shims reduce your longitudial board pitch : you will be more "nose down", the nose will be lower when sailing.

- For symetrical plates, shims can be used in either way so there is NO DIFFERENCE between "-" or "+" shims.

- The shim plate has a certain thickness (about 7mm for 1.5° wedges), remember to check the size of your original screws (are they long enough?). Check the item "4 screws M8X40 / M6x40" in the store if you need.

- Place the smooth side of the shim on the hull side of the board - the 3D printing traces on the up side might leaves marks on your board otherwise.

- Please be carefull with the storage in your vehicule during hot seasons, max temp supported by the 3D printed plastic is 60°C.

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