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  • Where are KPARTS products manufactured, and by whom?
    KPARTS is brand created by AP 3D Custom. The 3D printed products are 100% made in our workshop in BREST. The G10 stabilizers are made on a CNC milling machine in the same workshop, in BREST.
  • What is the rake setting in WINGFOIL?
    Rake is an essential parameter in the practice of wingfoil and surf foil. Its adjustment is important and it depends on both the foil used and the board used. Indeed, each shape is different, the foils are not adjusted in the same way from one brand to another. Each brand develops its foils on its boards: you can then end up with incompatibilities when you mix a foil from one brand with the board from another. We can meet either: - Nose down (more common): when sailing, the nose of the board dips down when you accelerate. Your front leg is more tense than your back leg and you feel like you have to press on the latter to maintain a semblance of balance. - Nose up (rarer): laborious take off, when sailing, the nose of your board is too high. You have the front leg too bent with the feeling of having a very (too) nervous foil. The use of the rake wedge corrects the angle of the foil in relation to the board and allows you to find a suitable trim that suits your practice.
  • Which rake shim to choose for WINGFOIL?
    Rake is a personal setting, it depends on your foil, your board, your size, level and settings. Nevertheless a few ideas: - You are really bothered by the attitude of your board, you are very "nose down". The touches with water are infernal because the board does not bounce. You are probably missing between 1.0° and 2.0° of rake. - You are disturbed from time to time by this nose of the board which touches the water when the sea is agitated, but on flat water you are not bothered more than that. You still want to fine-tune your settings: you're probably missing between 0.5° and 1.5°. Choosing a pack of 2 or 3 shims is a guarantee of safety, but does not mean that you will only use one shim and throw away the others ones. The more you progress and sail in different conditions, the more you will want to adjust yourself to the best conditions of the day. Neutral trim (rake between -0.5° and +0.5°) in surf foil or wingfoil on flat water, to optimize take off, lift, pumping. Slightly positive trim (rake between +0.5° and +1.5°) in wingfoil on rough water/strong wind to facilitate comfort and limit contact with water. In race or even freerace mode, it is essential to have a positive rake.

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