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KPARTS fuselage - ALLURE mast 2023 to KUJIRA V1

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Rediscover your favorite wings with this original fuselage.
We have designed a fuselage that makes your Takuma Kujira V1 wings compatible with the ALLURE 2023 mast.
The fuselage allows you to mount the original stabilizers (158,178 etc) but also your "custom" stabilizers thanks to provided shims.

The rake of the fuselage make the foil neutral. The fusalege is shorter by 15mm compared to the original takuma fuselage.

The fuselage is machined from 6082-T6 aluminum, GREY ANODIZED
The adonisation of the fuselage is carried out in France at one of our partners in order to control the process and the quality of the protection of the aluminium. This with a single goal: to offer you the best durability against corrosion.
The fuselage must still be rinsed with no-salted water after each use to limit corrosion. Tef gel (non included) should be used to prevent chimical interaction with stainless steel screws.
The mast, wings and stabilizers shown in the photos are not included in the pack and are there for illustration purposes only.

About TAKUMA Front wings production : there was a lot of disparity on the front- wing-fuselage assembly with variable tolerances depending on the series, it is possible that you have to shim or sand your wing to avoid any play. The assembly sleeve on our fuselage has been designed to match a maximum of front wings tested. We release all responsibility if your front wings do not fit the fuselage.

This fuselage has been optimized to have maximum glide, NOT SUITABLE FOR JUMPING/FREESTYLING

No warranty in case of suspicion of breakage related to these practices.

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