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Adjustable angle measuring tools - WINDFOIL

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Intended for the most meticulous windfoilers wishing to optimize and understand, those tools allows to mesure the different angles of the hydrofoil.

It allows you to measure the angle between the front wing and the stabilizer, the angle of the front wing in relation to the fuselage and/or the hull.

Use your smartphone with a "bubble level" app to get the angles.

- 1 tool for the front wing : adjustable from 85mm to 145mm of chord

- 1 tool for the rear wing : adjustable from 52mm to 85mm of chord.

Start to understand how your foil is flying and how you shims (if you use some) really impact your setting.

3D printed with PETG, stainless steel screws. Max temp use : 60°C!

TE : Trailing edge

LE : Leading edge

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