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PACK - ALLURE 2023 mast & KPARTS adapter for CODE-FOILS®

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[85 mast : In Stock]

[75 mast : In stock]

Shipped in 48h (Except If you order a stabilizer, the delivery time is 1 week)

Discover a new feeling on your CODEFOILS® wings with the ALLURE mast.

We present an adapter that makes your CODE FOILS® fuselage compatible with the ALLURE 2023 & 2024 mast.

The adapter is machined from 6082-T6 aluminum, BLACK ANODIZED

Screws are provided.

We have selected the ALLURE mast for its unparalleled finesse/stiffness ratio on the market, in our opinion.

Its thickness: 13.2mm at the bottom and 14.2mm at the top with linear evolution. High modulus full carbon construction.

2024 ALLURE mast is stiffer than 2023.

The plate is delivered with the mast, also in full carbon.
The mast and the plate are produced in Italy in the SABFOIL factory, a guarantee of reliability and durability, both in terms of the quality of the finish and the assemblies.

The adapter must still be rinsed with no-salted water after each use to limit corrosion. Tef gel (non included) should be used to prevent chimical interaction with stainless steel screws.

Mast is delivered with a cover made in France.

The wings and stabilizers shown in the photos are not included in the pack and are there for illustration purposes only.


No warranty in case of suspicion of breakage related to these practices.

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