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[Produced on demand - Delay : 10 DAYS]

This tail is designed for a SURF FOIL and WINGFOIL practice in a CARVING and PUMPING perspective.

Be sure of one thing : with this stab you will carve like a boss!
The Mako Carve V2 was developed as a continuation of the V1. This means a stabilizer offering maximum maneuverability, while guaranteeing control in carving with controlled lift and a constant board pitch.
We worked on the profile to make it thinner, while maintaining excellent low speed abilities and stiffness thanks to optimization of the outline and dihedral.
The result is a stabilizer with more glide, more efficient pumping, and a very low stall speed.

The MAKO CARVE V2 is available in 3 sizes: 140, 150, 165.

140 : 31 cm wingspan

150 : 32.5 cm wingspan
165 : 34 cm wingspan

Kparts stabilizers have a flat area on both sides allowing it to be mounted above the fuselage (AXIS, FONE, CABRINHA etc) and below (TAKUMA, AFS, ARMSTRONG etc). The rear hole is oblong to allow a fixing center distance of 30 to 35mm depending on the foil brand.

The shims set chosen allows you to adapt all KPARTS stabilizers to your foil by adjusting the angle according to your needs.

Each tail comes with a cover, a set of shims that matches your foil (choose from the drop-down menu), 2 screws of greater length.

Tail wings made from G10 (compressed fiberglass), machined in our workshop in Brest.
The covers are made by hand in felt, in France (Saint Malo).

The shims are 3D printed with PETG.

Note: The bumps are reminiscent of a well-known design (by Laurent Borgna), which served as inspiration for the design of this stabilizer.

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