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Three blades propeller hub set - Plastic - Efoil

120,00 €
In stock
Product Details

3 blades propeller, 170mm span, folding.

Clean and ergonomic design allowing you to upgrade the power of your Efoil.

Compared to a 2 blades propeller, the 3 blades propeller brings a smoother feeling, less cavitation and better efficiency.

When the engine is not running, the blades fold and limit drag.
Attachment to the motor is done with 4 screws (provided, A4 stainless steel).
Compatible with most common 63mm motor, please check the dimensions.
Compatible with FOIL DRIVE motors.
The blades are made from a premium carbon fiber filled polymere. Non-brittle and non-friable material, high strength and guaranteed longevity. Perfect balance bewteen thinness and ridigity (more rigid than most of platic propeller you can find elsewhere).

Parts manufactured in our workshop in France.

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