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Motor POD V2 - Efoil

75,00 €
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Product Details

This POD is actually a half POD, more ergonomic and practical than a standard POD.

It generates less drag and the attachment to the mast is not done with any screws.

V2 version bring new feature : 1 external and rigid shell, universal + 1 internal adapter, made from flexible plastic. It brings more grip and leaves less marks to your mast.

The fixing system is made by an elastic strap which is installed in less than 30 seconds and without tools.
Screws are provided, a 3mm ALLEN key is also provided.
Compatible with a multitude of masts, choose the POD model according to the thickness of your mast.
Compatible with most common motor, please check the dimensions.

Compatible with FOIL DRIVE motors. Plan to rearrange the original wiring.

The parts are manufactured in 3D printing in our workshop in France, in PCTG-CF (high-performance polymer with carbon fibers).

CREDITS for the original POD design : Mark DUYVESTEYN

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